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I love playing with form. DA: You taught for a number of years, how did this influence your approach to writing?

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Volume 104, Number 239, 10 October 1960

Teaching literature really gave me an education, especially since I taught in a small liberal arts college, where we were encouraged by generalists. So I taught at one time or another Introduction to Poetry and Fiction; a course in Great Books that began with Homer and ended with Doestoyevski; modern fiction; modern poetry; Greek literature in translation; and Romantic and Victorian poetry.

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Other things too. Too many people read only their contemporaries. I got to know them by having to read them carefully enough to be able to teach them. I enjoyed teaching creative writing as well. Looking at work from the inside, trying to understand the process, the structure has certainly been a strong force in shaping my own work. GS: Craft is the basis of everything, whether it be laying tile or performing surgery, or writing a story.

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An unfortunate illusion. And the results can be quite surprising. People recover things long forgotten but that have a real impact on them. Drawing them, getting them first without words, puts you on the most immediate contact with the image, begins the flow, you might say. Or a painting. It works equally well for artists and writers, and anyone else who wants to play. I can remember one student I came upon in a graduate writing workshop, where his instructor told me he was not doing all that well. It was a beauty. The part of the mind not immediately available to us, the unconscious, is a treasure house.

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When you can tap into it, you have riches at your disposal. GS: Though I had no expectation of going back to the world of Carnival of the Gods, one day I found myself making notes for what has come to be three more novels, taking up some of the characters in the first. Early on, I got interested in circus and carnival. The first three books were written from imagination and reading.

Then it seemed to me I ought to know what a circus was really like. So I called up the producer of the Circus Flora, a fine small circus in St.

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Louis and asked him if I could come and hang around, but not just be a spectator. So I spent a couple weeks pulling the back curtain for all the performances. Then I went out to Arizona with them for their winter gig. All very dedicated people. But she was spoken to again about one of Xiang's girls, who mysteriously disappeared, and happened to pass by the barber shop.

When she last saw her, Annie said some of the girls went missing and she wanted to escape while she could. She was shocked to hear that she disappeared, and said she regularly spent her time at the fair, prompting them to investigate the fair again.

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Unfortunately, since the last time they met, her mom got sick and her job at the barber's was not paying enough, so she went back to being a prostitute. She did confirm the victim bought her mom's medicine, instead of paying Gladys for her services. When informed Joseph's death, she started crying wondering about what can she do for her sick mother now. Gladys was spoken to again about a pendant she was given to by the victim. She said the victim thought the two were dating, but he got frustrated when he heard they were nothing more than clients. Considering the message on the pendant, Gladys did confirm he did get violent at times, especially when she did not take the pendant, but was glad he was gone since he could not threaten anyone anymore.

They decided to inform Gladys about this development, and was shocked and saddened to hear of this news.

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Isaac told her to warn every other scarlet woman the Slayer is still on the loose, and Gladys agreed to do so, but the player would catch him before they were all dead. Gladys was found in an upstairs bedroom of the Moulin Rose cabaret, with her stomach open and a white dove feather lying next to the wounds. Given the skillful performance of the murder, the coroner concluded that the killer knew anatomy.

William Guest, Member of Gladys Knights and the Pips, Dies at 74

Initially denying involvement, Fiona admitted to the crime. She killed Gladys and the other girls to liberate them from being employed as prostitutes.

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  8. Enraged and depressed by a close friend's death, Fiona's bouts of criminal insanity became worse and worse until the murder of prostitutes seemed like a valid solution to stop prostitutes from dying of syphilis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].