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New Releases. Shield's Lady : Number 3 in series. Description Sarianna was a cool, confident businesswoman, an outcast from the East determined to regain her rightful status. Gryph was an intense mercenary respected and feared throughout the opulent cities and savage frontiers of the West.

But from the moment they met, fate made them one.

Claressa Shields dominates Christina Hammer to become undisputed women's middleweight champion

Was it their destiny to be bound to a force that both captivated and frightened them? Other books in this series. Shield's Lady Jayne Ann Krentz. Add to basket.

Breaking Down Hammer

After her next win over Gabriels, Shields called Hammer into the ring before turning around and realizing Hammer had already leaped in. Both teams jumped in to keep the two from blows as Shields continued to berate and threaten while Hammer kept taunting. All these pent up frustrations and anger only got exacerbated with the long awaited showdown being put on hold. But whether the emotion makes for an undisciplined, sloppy Claressa or a more dedicated, focused Claressa is yet to be seen.

Beyond the pomp and the drama, Shields vs.


Methodical, efficient, polished. Fittingly, he was one of her idols growing up. With her height and reach 3 inches of each over Shields , she generally begins the fight keeping her right glued to her chin as she establishes range with a stiff jab and movement.

Claressa Shields

As the fight goes on and she grows increasingly comfortable into her rhythm, Hammer will seek to pick her moments to throw combinations. Unfortunately, she has a bad tendency to become stationary while flurrying, which allows her opponents to quickly close distance. So if the shots land cleanly, her stiff technique keeps her opponent at the bay of her length. She also leaves herself to be punished in between going for the 1—2. Its an effective style for what it is, but there are clear detriments.

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Claressa Shields is in many ways the anthesis of Christina Hammer. But she can also become stationary and forget to move her head as well. If she does so against Hammer, she could get punished fast. She also has a bad tendency to load up on her punches too much, too often. The hero is sexy and there's a mystical subplot that really touched me. Oct 23, Maria rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction-fantasy , jayne-ann-krentz-re-reads. One of my favorites in this genre published , this futuristic romance is one of Ms.

Krentz's best - along with Orchid, Zinnia, and Amaryllis. It has great characters. Gryph Chassyn is a Shield with very primitive, simplistic responses in most areas of life, and Sariana Dayne is a talkative, aggressive businesswoman from the conservative East trying to adjust to the flamboyant West of the planet Windarra.

Her usual humorous and prickly dialogue, a well-developed plot, and lots of interestin One of my favorites in this genre published , this futuristic romance is one of Ms. Her usual humorous and prickly dialogue, a well-developed plot, and lots of interesting supporting characters only add to the reader's enjoyment. Although I have read as many authors who have written in this genre as I can find, I still consider it peculiarly the province of Ms.

Krentz writing as Jayne Castle , perhaps because she does it best, with the possible exception of Anne McCaffery's Restoree, another personal favorite. I hope that some day Ms. Krentz will come back to Windarra and write another wonderful book about it. Specifically I'd like to know how it goes if a Shield heads east to find a bride among the unsuspecting Eastern portion of Windarra. That could make for another excellent book. There is also the possibility of a book about a much older Keri needing a Shield's favor returned, as promised by Gryph.

View 2 comments. The Shield in question ignores three messages requesting a meeting to discuss hiring him -- and she then arranges to drug, kidnap -- when that doesn't work -- she also steals his weapon kit?

Is she insane or merely a sociopath? Even worse -- she's just a business manager for a 'clan' of she is 'fond' of but considers flighty? And then the hero? Aug 17, Jadzia rated it really liked it Shelves: s-f. The man who knows what, and more to the point - who - he wants is just what I like in my romance books. And a nervous about it - or rather him - but not a missish sort of heroine is just so much Krentz style. This book was exactly what I like in her writing. I enjoyed this immensely. The planetary set up intrigued me.

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The hero and heroine were both stubborn and blinkered and they clashed enjoyably. Adventure and rescues, heroics. I like the way Krentz includes pets in many of her novels. This was no exception. May 30, Kate McMurry rated it it was amazing Shelves: romantic-suspense , futuristic-romance. However, there are no typos or spelling problems. It is several hundred years since two space ships sent forth from Earth to found colonies on the planet Windarra crash landed on separate sections of the planet.

Many lives were lost due to a huge explosion caused by a destructive form of light. One ship landed on an eastern continent and the other landed on a western continent, the survivors of each ship assuming the other ship was totally lost. The western group was saved by a mysterious group of humans called Shields who were able to work the source of the dangerous light, a crystal called prisma. The eastern group managed to survive without any help.

The western group consisted of artists and inventors, and the eastern group contained business and accounting types. The westerners evolved into a very colorful, emotional, expressive society with rules of their own, but less rigorously enforced. One particular rule was the contract between the westerners and the Shields. The Shields have paid a price for their ability to work prisma. They are sterile except with a "Shieldmate," a special woman with whom they can form a type of psychic bond, called "linking," and even then they can only have sons.

Shields won a unanimous decision, with all three judges scoring the bout 98-92

The contract with the western colonists allowed the Shields to seek a mate within the whole of the western society. They have no such contract with the eastern society. Unfortunately for the Shields, they have spent generations living on the rough frontier fighting bandits, and few western families want their daughters to unite with a Shield to go live far away in a very harsh setting. It has only been a few years since the eastern and western contingents discovered each other. Sariana, the heroine, is from the eastern continent.

She failed her entrance exams for university study and her pre-ordained track for her life was derailed in disgrace.

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Claressa Shields returns to Flint undisputed women's middleweight champion of the world

Her fiance for an arranged marriage dumped her, and she has come to live among the westerners to try to restore her reputation and enable herself to reapply to the university for a career as a financial manager. At the start of the story, she has been working in that capacity for the flamboyant Avylyn clan, who are creators of flashy jewelery, but her entire success hangs in the balance if she cannot recover a stolen piece of crucial Avylyn artistic equipment, a prisma cutter. All attempts to recover the stolen article fail and Sariana devises a desperate scheme. She has one of the clan drop a light hypnotic drug into the drink of a Shield, Gryph Chassyn, to put him in a more compliant mood so he will agree to help the Avylyns recover their prisma cutter.

Unfortunately, the drug knocks out Gryph, and when he wakes up, the extremely confident Sariana realizes the "cure" for her problem may be worse than the "disease. I'm a big fan of Krentz. I've read almost everything she's ever written. My favorites are her paranormal romances, in particular her Harmony futuristics.