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For instance, when planners design and develop a certain area as a retail space, they are acting strategically; but when shop owners display their goods at the entrance of their store, they are acting tactically. On the other hand, appropriations occur, for instance, when youngsters establish their regular spot inside a mall and, complementarily, associations emerge when certain locations come to be associated with a set of functions e. Separation means that retail spaces have grown larger, more concentrated and more autonomous from their surroundings. The author points out that discontinuities between retail areas and their urban context retail areas either move to car-accessible non-residential suburban zones or flourish in city-centre pedestrian precincts, which increasingly resemble malls have proceeded through enhanced internal continuity the shopping space no longer ends in the store, but forms a continuum in which the street and other traditional public spaces are embedded.

Another important remark is that the retail dynamic has attained new spatial scales regional rather than urban , which combine smaller micro-scales, producing a superposition and meshing of layered, stratified territorialities.

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Stabilisation is best revealed in pedestrian precincts as an urban planning strategy aimed at developing retail in the city centre. Four major territorial topologies can be found in a pedestrian precinct. The first and probably most famous topology is the network connection, which functions as a stabilising territorial practice. But networks, the author convincingly argues, are not the be-all and end-all: places and objects can be interlaced in more than one network, and material objects can always have effects beyond the network at hand.

For instance, a bus stop works as a node in the transport system network, yet it is also a physical place, with a specific type of furniture, that also produces effects that are independent of the transportation network. In other words, while networks present themselves as self-reliant, they may in fact be parasitic on external material resources.

It is thus necessary to consider the functioning of further topologies.

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Synchronisation is a trend that calls for a rhythmanalysis of shopping and retail activities. Here the author observes that retail has created new circadian and seasonal rhythms e.

Christmas time beginning in November , coupled with more intermittent rhythms in connection with cultural events, music festivals and other celebrations. If the customer got home and saw the charge on the receipt, he could call customer service and get it refunded, but it could still count toward the store goal, so win-win.

That was not the fun part, but what were you going to do? It was all in the name of showing how valuable they were in their jobs, how they were willing to do what needed to be done. Sterling says it retired its payment-protection plans in So many of them loved this job. Every day there would be something to feed their hearts. They understood that this was about relationships. They kept in touch with their customers; they remembered when it was an anniversary or time for a daughter to graduate from college.

It was beautiful to see: I remembered our anniversary. I am compelled to adorn you I love you so much. I am getting down on my knee.

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How could you not want to be part of that? The saleswomen were rewarded for their talent and their hard work. Michelle, from Cleveland, remembered the first time she received a bonus. She remembers cashing the check and lining up all the bills at home and taking a picture. And there were incentive trips: Sterling would send you on a vacation to Hawaii or the Caribbean if you exceeded your sales goals. I heard about an incentive trip on a cruise ship that the company had rechristened the Sterling Diamond.

I also heard that the ship ran out of alcohol — something I had never heard of happening on a cruise — so that the vessel had to drop anchor and have a helicopter deliver more midsea. The way the men talked to them; the way the men talked about them with one another, right in front of them. A woman named Rebecca remembered doing inventory one night in her New Hartford, N. There was more. There was a lot more. But mostly it was a good job. They all understood that at Sterling, they were part of something bigger than themselves.

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They were important. They — the saleswoman of fine jewelry, the manager of the store, the customer-facing gateway to gem ownership — they were the lifeblood of a thing. They were valued for it. They were celebrated for it. In sworn statements, the phrase comes up still more. Many people I interviewed credited Nate Light as the architect of modern Sterling.

He began at the company in and, before retiring in , was largely responsible for its aggressive acquisition of regional, family-owned jewelry stores. By , Mark Light, his son, had risen through the company to become chief executive himself. It is Mark Light who, based on my interviews, is the subject of many redacted and nonredacted pages of the lawsuit filings, and who left to tend to an unnamed illness in I tried to contact the executives whose names I came across, but none of my Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn InMail or text messages, or emails or phone calls, were returned, and a formal request to interview them through the company was denied.

The company culture oozed downward onto regional vice presidents and the district managers and even the store managers. It was a state of mind, an acquiescence to a culture and the mission to do what you could to perpetuate it. Scott Smith told me that he once had to talk an executive out of trying to coerce a female manager back to his limo; the executive was drunk, and the woman was pleading for help. The meetings began in the s, when there were fewer managers.

Back then, the events were first held in a smallish hotel, like the Fontainebleau in Miami, but as several people I interviewed recalled, they were soon banned by the hotel from returning. Same for the Dolphin Hotel the next year. Finally they just rented out an entire Disney resort, and that seems to have worked out for them for a while.

The women spent months planning for the meeting. They bought the nicest dresses and new makeup; they wore the most opulent jewelry, which they had purchased with their employee discounts.

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They might see entertainment like the Blue Man Group. It was a time when you could see your colleagues having sex in a stairwell. The partying began soon after they arrived. The women were served predinner drinks. They were served during-dinner drinks at a table whose centerpiece was sometimes literally a wine bottle. They were served after-dinner drinks. The deals were done over cocktails: Introductions were made at the after-hours bar. Promotions were discussed in the lounge. Or could you party?

Could you hang with the good old boys?

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Could you be a good old boy? Light was also observed by multiple witnesses at company meetings being entertained by female managers, in various states of undress, in a swimming pool and joining them in the pool himself. At one meeting, a district manager got wind that Heather Ballou, of the V-necks and borrowable ears, wanted to move back home to Florida from Louisiana.

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Now, transferring was hard, she told me. And there was no place in the company intranet where promotions or job openings were listed. She had a baby later, with another man, and things were quiet for a while. Then he started up with renewed lightness.