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There are lines ruled on pp. Further, instead of Philips's characteristic flourish at the end of a poem, a simple line is drawn across, and the next poem begins immediately underneath. Hering" in a different ink. Hering is as yet unidentified. Lucy's Day. Mathias day Verses made upon the death of the aforenamed Mris Battina Cromwell.

It is reprinted in Stephenson and Davidson, pp. The sexton to her knell, be Anne Southwell [In the final line the words ""Answer'd well"" have been crossed out before the final two words, ""Anne Southwell"". Till we shall meet and never part Finis [This is Henry King's ""The Exequy"" , a poem popular in manuscript circulation not printed until That it may give the world perpetual light [There are three columns of elegaic material on fol.

Thou mayest give more but she deserves no less [There are three columns of elegaic material on fol. What Alien is there, hasn't a pious tear, And with his mourning countess mix your woe. Hic jacet, oft hic jacet poets sing, Himself a saint, a Martyr was his sire.

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Enough my Lord; now let me die 12 lines [ Dated and attributed at bottom: "Covent-Garden, Dec: th Thy Hand-Maid's pleas'd, completely happy still 10 lines [ Dated and attributed at bottom: "Grove-Street, May, th A Man as great in War, as just in Peace as he 61 lines [ There are three corrections-of one or two words-inserted in a much later hand. Because he so much trouble underwent. Followed by blank fol.

Under this stone doth lie I mourn not for thy Birth, nor Cry [See also item Thy children cannot give thee praise too much 8 lines. And sure of heaven rides triumphing in lines [Fols v - r are blank. Thee; King of saints, the remaind[er o]f my days 26 lines [ This poem is one of two extant poems by Halkett cf. The leaf is torn and the unpaginated verso of p.

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Lucy Hutchinson Item 1 Verse, Elegy , pp. That Pale and Cold retained a smiling grace 70 lines. Lucy Hutchinson Item 2 Verse, Elegy , p. Wailing a Public funeral 24 lines. Lucy Hutchinson Item 3 Verse, Elegy , pp. Why doth death its latest stroke delay I yet had Flourished in thy happiness 42 lines. Memorandum: those verses were writ by Mrs Hutchinson on the occasion of the Colonel her Husband's being then a prisoner in the Tower: [This memorandum is incorrect; in fact, the poem is Eve's lament from canto 5 of Hutchinson's Order and Disorder cf.

Lucy Hutchinson Item 4 Verse, Elegy , pp.

No more shall need thy everquenched Light 54 lines. Lucy Hutchinson Item 5. And triumphed in his funeral 28 lines. Than he had vanquished all his life before 67 lines. Wickwire to eternalize the three astronauts, each of whom seemed normal enough? Well, where there are living human beings there can be no peace, and this cemetery is above all else peaceful.

Plato is supposed to have said, "Only the dead have seen the end of war," but actually the apothegm can't be traced back beyond Santayana. No matter. It's sure peaceful in this cemetery. There's an anti-war message there, if you look for it. Hitchcoc 1 October Rod Serling liked astronauts and asteroids. This is another one of those "Where am I? In this one a group of men find themselves in an odd town, where there are plenty of people, but they are frozen in time.

They don't respond. As the astronauts move through space, they find more and more "normal" looking folks not moving. Once again it's about confusion and despair. Eventually they meet what seems like a living man who treats them kindly and asks them questions like how they would like to be remembered.

We can't help but think of the first episode "Where Is Everybody? I have to say that there is a sameness in some of these first season episodes that show a little lack of imagination.


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Still, it's a really interesting premise. MartinHafer 3 October It all begins with three astronauts crashing on an asteroid. Oddly, the place looks like Earth and seems really nice. Here's the odd part, though, they do see plenty of people but they all are frozen in place--almost like exhibits in a natural history museum.

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They are all in the process of doing interesting things, but they are frozen solid. It turns out that the caretaker, Cecil Kellaway knows why--and the astronauts are NOT going to like it! Cecil Kellaway was a wonderful character actor. He had a certain glow about him--a sparkle in his eyes that made this old man absolutely adorable.

So, when it turns out he's a ghoulish guy in charge of a bizarre cemetery, I thought to myself that IF I had to be murdered, it would be nice to be done in by someone as homey and sweet as Kellaway! Decent acting and an interesting script. The only problem is that this plot, like a few others in the series, didn't merit a 30 minute time slot. It could have been done in 10 and the pace wouldn't have dragged like this one did at times. Woodyanders 12 May Three astronauts land on an asteroid that's identical to Earth with the exception that everything and everyone are frozen in time.

Jolly caretaker Jeremy Wickwire delightfully played with charm and aplomb to spare by Cecil Kellaway springs to life to explain the peculiar situation to the confused astronauts. Director Douglas Hayes relates the compelling atmosphere at a steady pace and adroitly crafts an intriguing enigmatic atmosphere. Charles Beaumont's ingenious script makes a bold and provocative central point about the bitter price that must be paid in order to achieve eternal peace and how mankind's self-destructive nature always finds a way to upset said peace.

While Jeff Morrow as the sensible Kurt Meyers, Dan Dubbins as the excitable Peter Kirby, and Kevin Hagen as the stalwart Captain James Webber all do fine work in their roles, nonetheless it's Kellaway's sly twinkle and abundant verve evident in his spirited portrayal of Wickwire that totally steals the show.

Moreover, the stiff and immobile figures that populate the asteroid are genuinely eerie. A very clever and haunting episode. AaronCapenBanner 25 October Jeff Morrow, Kevin Hagen, and Don Dubbins play three Earth astronauts who are forced to land on a mysterious planet after their ship runs into trouble, who discover human-looking inhabitants that are strangely motionless.

One man does appear to them, a self-proclaimed caretaker named Jeremy Wickwire played by Cecil Kellaway who explains that the place is really a cemetery named Happy Glades, where people fulfill their greatest wish after death, and that the three astronauts are in for a most unpleasant surprise Kellaway's lively performance elevates this otherwise ordinary sci-fi tale, which still has an air of both amusement and melancholy.

Elegy is mostly cringe-worthy without anything to say, other than man cannot live there because he will destroy it. It's a graveyard sort of showroom of Earth.

The dog is obviously not alive and neither the farmer or the fisherman, but that doesn't stop them from running up to them and starting conversation. The irresistible Cecil Kellaway adds another memorable portrait to his array of lovable characters. A group of American astronauts lands on what seems to be Earth and encounters a series of life like creatures who aren't quite mannequins yet not really people. Along comes Kellaway at the most inopportune time to explain and the consequences which follow are eerily both surprising and undeniably true.

For most of this episode of "The Twilight Zone", the atmosphere is extremely light-hearted, but that is a foolish ideal to believe how it will unfold and conclude. As the astronauts among them Jeff Morrow and Kevin Hague of "Little House on the Prairie" walk around, they encounter a farm dog, the farmer, a fisherman, a group of models and contestants in a beauty contest and finally Kellaway. Watching the astronauts deal with a scantily clad beauty contestants who won't even blink is amusing, imagining what would be going through their mind.

I thought of Westworld when I watched this episode which I had never seen before.

Elegy to Loneliness: a story of loneliness among older adults.

It doesn't really make sense why someone would want to be put on a planet far away after they die in a fantasy scenario like wanting to be mayor etc. As someone else noted who would even see it? I can almost see how a Westworld concept could be derived from this episode with the robot caretaker and the various scenario worlds on this one asteroid. Actors did a great job staying still. That said interesting episode. This is arguably the one of the finest episodes of The Twilight Zone! It single-handedly seems to have laid the foundation for so many of the prominent pieces of work on television today - from Black Mirror especially San Junipero to Westworld!

It is unbelievable to consider that this was conceptualised in the early 60s.

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Serling had some kind of fondness for asteroids as they figured in at least three different stories and of which the science was often very, very wrong. In "The Lonely," a convict is confined to one that is only nine million miles away from Earth?? There was also "I Shot an Arrow into the Air," where a rocket pilot mistakenly thinks he has landed on an asteroid, even though everyone else would have known better. One would think an experienced rocket pilot would realize that a celestial body with a 1g gravity and an atmosphere could not be an asteroid.

I can only assume that Serling and company just didn't care that it was wrong, or probably assumed no one would notice. But even if we give them a pass for the error of being on a asteroid in Elegy, we still have to accept the fact that this episode is a turkey so bad even the Pilgrims wouldn't have touched it.