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At least in the USA. In other countries the picture looks a lot different. In neighbouring Can As the Nr.

With numerous Frazzled sons and daughters featuring on high genomic lists, the daughter-based proof of this Josuper son was highly anticipated: Quite a lot depended on Frazzled maintaining his genomic numbers. Now the wait is over. He has landed at Nr. Supersire son Uecker Josuper sits at Nr. His all important trait of massive milk production has resulted in seven sons all ranked in the TPI top for daughter-proven sires With TPI, he is the highest total transmitter in the top As mentioned already, Harvest is not only a top type bull.

This ABS g Behind her is In the French August release, three early sons debuted in the top Given his popularity and the high DNA results of his descendants, Carter is becoming very influential in France and beyond.


Special: the Kingpin son, bred from the Beachlawn Bell Cleitus Pro line that earlier provided the French type specialist Gelpro, definitively found his AI destiny when he was 20 months old. Every calf born from the family has a big pedigree, and most recently Don discovered that he had a line with nice genomics too… Catamount is a third generation EX cow; she is out of an EX Dam The Kathy family at Penn-Dell is built around a daughter-dam pair of point cows that have both been Grand Champion at their county fair.

Further back in the pedigree we find a number of successful bull dams. Here is the Kathy family from Pennsylvania. And she is backed by a very deep and successful cow family too. Although we are now nearly 30 years on from when Castelverde Chief Mark Susy EX was born, her genetics have not got old. In the Castelverde herd her genetics are as relevant as ever. Here we discover why…. With milking and dry cows, the dairy of John Koster JMK Holsteins is clearly below the average size in Texas cows , making it the fifth state for milk production in the US.

A visit with the Therkildsen was already scheduled. Suddenly he appeared: Oxterril. With a relatively unknown sire Surgeon, more about him later and a virtually unknown maternal line. This maternal line has performed splendidly for years on the dairy where the Guerins are the third generation to manage this farm.

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And the cow family? It has already been active for 13 generations in the Du Terril herd. Or… in the Du Terril barn? No, primarily in the pastures around the barn, because weather permitting, they pasture 10 months a year here. Travel along with us to the southern part of Brittany.

Here we are! In this HI issue, we announce number four… and likely no one is surprised that this position is claimed by De-Su Holsteins, the breeding enterprise of the Meyer family in the American state of Iowa. Especially during the past 10 years, the De-Su prefix has intensively dominated global Holstein breeding; elsewhere in this article we will mention their numerous bulls. The title is still fitting. Todd Stanek did not grow up with registered Holsteins: He was already an adult before he caught the passion for cattle breeding.

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Here he looks back at the journey involved in the development of Our-Favorite Holsteins, based 10 miles from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. When our photographer Christine Massfeller was asked if she would be able to take a picture at the Kleemann family farm in Germany, the request itself was already unique. And not some young animals with lots of potential from their head herd, but the oldest and highest-producing cows in the herd. The results can be seen here.

A picture as a tribute. A representation of the breeding goal for the breed. Progressively, more and more breeders are paying attention to management traits. The reason is the impact they have on farm profitability.