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The tease at the end showing Thor joining the Guardians of the Galaxy is just perfect. Oh, and metal wings are cool too. It's unclear whether Captain America will continue, but having a new character take on the mantle breathes new life into the franchise. Here's hoping the shield comes along for the ride.

Not all Marvel comic book characters are part of the MCU.

Infinity Saga

The Avengers tapped the Quantum Realm for time travel. Maybe they can travel to parallel universes too? But I don't want a clean reboot of the Fox franchises. I'd like to see Marvel Studios find a plausible way to incorporate the existing properties. And don't you dare reboot Deadpool. We're all tired of origin stories -- particularly for well-known properties like the X-Men. Marvel wisely skipped that aspect with Spider-Man, and I'd like to see a similar move with the former Fox properties. This may be a controversial request.

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Part of the MCU's appeal is the way each movie builds upon the next, with intertwining plot points and Easter eggs for fans. But as much fun as that's been, it also often took focus away from individual films. Watching Captain Marvel, for example, I was bracing to see how it fit in with Endgame. Sure, let's get the X-Men in there and keep combining characters in interesting ways. But I'd love to enjoy a superhero film as its own standalone experience -- even if it means dialing back on the connections.

The original Iron Man didn't need a cinematic universe to offer a fun time.

I'm hoping with the next phase, the fresh start will offer that kind of experience again. This story originally published on April 27 at 4 a. Update, p. PT: To add further background. Update, April 30 at 6 a.

Iron Man (1968 1st Series) comic books

PT: Adds further background. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Can you talk about a little bit about your love of comic books and Iron Man in particular? Part James Bond, part Howard Hughes, part gleaming knight and part futurist who always bets on himself. Iron Man played a big role in that game, and I remember plunking many quarters into that machine growing up. A few years later, I purchased my first Iron Man comic — issue — mainly because I thought its gold cover was cool.

Once I got home and read it, I instantly became enamored by Tony as a character, his armor tech, the grounded sci-fi nature of it all. Rosemann : International intrigue! Globe-hopping action! Hardlight Ghost Tech drone blasting and plane saving at 20, feet! Fan-favorite supporting cast and suits of armor!

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A ghost from the past and a threat to the future! More Easter Eggs than you can shake an arc reactor at! Above all, Bill Rosemann has been a terrific partner in helping us ensure our original story appropriately tips its cap to the past 56 years of Iron Man comics, and writer Christos Gage has helped infuse the story with some fun nods and winks that comic fans will love. How did this story get written? Did the idea for the game come first or the story?

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Once we were ready to roll into cinematics, we invited veteran Marvel comics and TV scribe Christos Gage to inject some authentic Marvel spice throughout the dialogue and oh-so-satisfying Easter Eggs. Payton : Brendan Murphy conceived of the original story with guidance from Bill Rosemann. It was a fun but challenging process to create an original, authentic Iron Man story that leaned into the unique strengths of virtual reality.

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My inner fanboy is psyched that our friends at Camouflaj embraced Ghost and made her their own, as the anonymous anti-corporation hacker who I coincidentally helped reimagine and selfishly added to the lineup of Thunderbolts when I edited the comic series is a tailor-made Iron Man arch-nemesis.

With his work on the acclaimed Iron Man: Extremis comic series greatly inspiring the design of the Armored Avenger on the silver screen, who better to team with again as we brought Iron Man into VR? After some time working on the design, Marvel suggested we call in some big guns: Adi Granov.

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Would Adi be able to translate our design goals into something that works for our original story and game design? And given his incredible talents and status, would he be easy to work with? Adi was especially good at navigating the unique design hurdles of designing the armor to work nicely with VR first-person gameplay.

From “Armor Wars” to the silver screen

But watching someone play on YouTube and actually playing the game is very different. With the PSVR technology now several years old, there have been a handful of next-generation games to tap into its potential, including SuperHot and Batman Arkham Asylum. It's also incredibly fun. Since flying is a foreign concept for many of us, learning how to pilot the Iron Man suit takes a bit of practice.

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  4. Jetting around in a complete environment, shooting down drones and punching rogue sentinels in the sky. Gone is the feeling of "being stuck" in VR. With the game's repulsor systems jettisoning you through the environment, it feels fresh and exhilarating.