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Or maybe one of your co-workers is an aggressive atheist who frequently makes snide and disparaging remarks about religion, making you feel ashamed and insecure to live your faith in front of them. As Christians we should do what we can to reach out to others, but if your own spiritual walk is struggling it is better to avoid these corrosive elements while you tend to your own journey. The most important relationship in your life will always be your personal relationship with God.

That has to be the priority in your life, and the number one thing you should be focusing on. Do what you can for others Maybe the best way to get closer to the Lord is to emulate the example He gave us. Do what Jesus did and look for ways to help others, to lift up the needy, and protect the vulnerable. When we look after the sick, poor, and needy, we are acting in exactly the way the Lord asked us to. We are following the exact formula He demonstrated for us. What could be better than that?

Capture the moment! But if you get the chance, be sure to check out some of the following gems.

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This world-famous landmark is still one of the best places to grab a photo in Israel. Make sure you have a memory of the soothing sensation of floating in this magical body of water to hold on to for years to come. Carved into the rock of Wadi Qelt, it is one of the oldest and most breathtaking monasteries in the world. The Dolphin Reef in Eilat With over 10, square meters of semi-enclosed waters filled to the brim with exotic marine life, the Dolphin Reef in Eilat is the perfect place to grab an unforgettable picture. While there are all kinds of interesting aquatic animals to see at the reef, the undisputed number one attraction are the dolphins.

These friendly, playful creatures are more than happy to swim and play with visitors. Getting one to sit still long enough to grab a picture might be difficult, but well worth the effort! This meter-tall cliff face is sure to inspire your photography skills. If you can, try to come at night and get a shot of the stars over the valley below, an absolutely breathtaking view. This little piece of Israeli history was the very first espresso bar in Tel Aviv, established all the way back in , setting the standard for what is today an Israeli standard.

This unguided street tour starts at the kiosk and winds its way through downtown Tel Aviv hitting a number of other locations. Think of it as a great chance to snap an amazing pic of Israeli street life before a day of exploration and discovery!

A geological marvel that has been a hub of activity for over years, these caves feature gorgeous natural patterns and texture, unique formations and shapes, and delightful ceiling holes, perfect for allowing a single beam of sunlight down to frame your photo. These are some of the best places to take a photo in Israel, but there are so many more!

by Mark Twain

These events are a guaranteed way of seeing the best Israel has to offer and celebrate the beauty of this special nation with fellow Christians. Nicholas Winton went to Prague in and found a mission in life — to save Jewish children. But it wouldn't be easy. There were formal conditions set by the British House of Commons for extricating at-risk Jewish children but not their parents at the time.

However, the process was not fully supported back home and riddled with bureaucratic loopholes and barriers which, in retrospect, seem designed to discourage Jewish families from taking advantage of the program. This might not sound like much, but it was a significant sum at the time, especially for many Jewish families suffering under intense persecution and prejudice, unable to even provide for basic necessities let along come up with that kind of money.

Processing a child also involved significant leg work, including finding a family that was willing to take a child and a host of visa and regulatory requirements imagine how difficult this would be in an era where the post was still the main form of long-distance communication. Winton found his niches in smoothing out the process considerably.

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Meeting parents in his hotel room in Wenceslas Square, Winton worked with them to navigate the bureaucracy, pay the fee sometimes out of his own pocket or skirt it through various twists of bureaucratic trickery, set them on the path to freedom. When news spread of his work, his hotel became so flooded with parents they would line up in the lobby and out to the sidewalk and around the building.

Winton had to find and open an office to keep things moving. You need to remember, Winton was just a talented, but otherwise normal man. He had no formal connection to the government, no large reserve of a fortune to draw from and fund all these expenses. Just an intense desire to do good. Eventually, he needed to return to Britain, both to maneuver and advocate for his charges more effectively by speaking with politicians and policy makers face-to-face, and very plainly to make a living.

His entire mission of mercy to Prague was coming out of pocket and it was beginning to take its toll. But still Winton persisted, for months he balanced working as a stockbroker by day, and as an activist for the Jewish people at night and his lunch hour, early morning, or any spare minute he could find in his day. He tirelessly worked to secure funds for desperate families who could not pay the transportation fee. More than that, he found British families willing to open their hearts and homes to young Jewish refugees. He printed photographs of needy children and paid to print them in the post. He even committed a little crime. With frustration, he would later relate "Officials at the Home Office worked very slowly with the entry visas. We went to them urgently asking for permits, only to be told languidly, 'Why rush, old boy? Nothing will happen in Europe.

So, we forged the Home Office entry permits. Maybe, but he was proven right. Many others were not so lucky.

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Aftermath After the war, Winton never spoke of his deeds. She took the scrapbook to a holocaust historian and public knowledge of his deeds grew from there. One that was specially arranged without his knowledge. Winton came as an audience member, but the show had a surprise for him. Watch the touching scene for yourself. After that incredible display, Winton became known far and wide as a hero. His scrapbook is featured in Yad Vashem, his story has been told in innumerable articles, and he was knighted Sir Nicholas Winton by the queen in He lived a powerful and affirming life to the aspirational age of Winton was a hero, there is no other way to describe him.

He saw an injustice of unimaginable proportions being carried out and rather than turn his head like so many tragically did, or wait for someone else to do something, he followed his conscious and took action. There are several possible reasons. Winton was by all accounts a modest and humble man, who has frequently said his partners and friends in Prague deserve as much credit as he does.

He could have also been honouring the millions of fallen of the Holocaust, keeping remembrance focused on those who were lost rather than himself.

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There is one sadder possibility though. While Winton was able to save human lives, he always wanted to save more. He attempted to save more.

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And he would have saved more if the Home Office had just cooperated a little bit more. On September 1, , Winton had more children loaded onto a train and awaiting their journey to safety. It was the largest mass transport he had organized. Those children, already on a train, never made it out of German territory.

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Of them, only 2 would survive the horrors of the concentration camps. Winton had everything in the world to be proud of. The tragic loss of that last train of children was not his fault and does nothing to diminish his bravery and moral clarity. Sir Nicholas Winton is a hero of the highest order and a reminder that the right time to do the right thing is never next week, never tomorrow, never in a few hours, but NOW.

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