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Similar ebooks. See more. David Clark. Born in Omaha, Nebraska in Charlie Munger studied mathematics at the University of Michigan, trained as a meteorologist at Cal Tech Pasadena while in the Army, and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School without ever earning an undergraduate degree. My role has been that of general contractor. Work Rules!

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Laszlo Bock. The way we work is changing - are you? In Germs, Genes and Civilization, Dr. David Clark tells the story of the microbe-driven epidemics that have repeatedly molded our human destinies. You'll discover how your genes have been shaped through millennia spent battling against infectious diseases.

You'll learn how epidemics have transformed human history, over and over again, from ancient Egypt to Mexico, the Romans to Attila the Hun. You'll learn how the Black Death epidemic ended the Middle Ages, making possible the Renaissance, western democracy, and the scientific revolution. Clark demonstrates how epidemics have repeatedly shaped not just our health and genetics, but also our history, culture, and politics.

You'll even learn how they may influence religion and ethics, including the ways they may help trigger cultural cycles of puritanism and promiscuity. Perhaps most fascinating of all, Clark reveals the latest scientific and philosophical insights into the interplay between microbes, humans, and society - and previews what just might come next.

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Kerry Patterson. This new edition gives you the tools to: Prepare for high-stakes situations Transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue Make it safe to talk about almost anything Be persuasive, not abrasive. To Comfort Always: A history of palliative medicine since the nineteenth century. Palliative medicine was first recognised as a specialist field in One hundred years earlier, London based doctor William Munk published a treatise on 'easeful death' that mapped out the principles of practical, spiritual, and medical support at the end of life.

In the intervening years a major process of development took place which led to innovative services, new approaches to the study and relief of pain and other symptoms, a growing interest in 'holistic' care, and a desire to gain more recognition for care at the end of life. This book traces the history of palliative medicine, from its nineteenth-century origins, to its modern practice around the world.

It takes in the changing meaning of 'euthanasia', assesses the role of religious and philanthropic organisations in the creation of homes for the dying, and explores how twentieth-century doctors created a special focus on end of life care. To Comfort Always traces the rise of clinical studies, academic programmes and international collaborations to promote palliative care.

Clearly you did not think this all the way through. Bro card suspension: One Week. The female programmer mentioned in the summary doesn't seem upset at all, just focusing on her work. But the cheerleader playing ping-pong in those high heels is asking for a broken ankle. Shouldn't the female programmer get male cheerleaders, or someone who arouses her so that she's more inspired to go to work every day?

Deutsche Bank Group – Employee engagement

No, she's the one who suggested hiring the female cheerleaders. With them around her male coworkers aren't doing as much so she has fewer of their mistakes to fix. Forget synchronized swimming in the next Olympics. I'll be watching the women's Strip Ping-Pong! Having a dedicated staff to driving the culture of your company can have a huge impact and pay massive dividends in retention, employee satisfaction, and willingness to go the extra mile.

One of my previous employers had an employee that started out as a receptionist. She always decorated for the holidays, and she was super social, so she organized extra circular activities. Bowling leagues, wine tastings, etc She was also tasked with organizing our holiday party, summer picnic, office Olympics, city scour scavenger hunt, and tons of other ideas she helped build in the company.

Eventually, it became clear that these tasks took too much time for her to also be the receptionist, so the CEO created a new position for her to focus on the corporate culture, events, and social media. Best decision he made. She wasn't a cheer leader running around in a short skirt, but her efforts to make the company a fun place to work were way more impactful than any executive direction.

An NFL Cheerleader's Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Game Day - Allure

I think it's brilliant. And if "both sides are degraded", what is the problem? Both sides may enjoy it very much. I'd switch jobs if such perks were given. Meh, your anecdote smacks of US executives observing Japanese team bonding exercises and assuming those were why Japanese corproations were so successful, instead of their permanent jobs with good salaries and conditions, leading to an endless circus of cargo cult morale building which mostly annoyed people.

This story doesn't really denigrate the women despite the rainbow dyed legbeard brigade's shrieks of outrage, they're getting paid and I would assume fairly well for wa. Isn't there usually something asked in return which the worker happens to be capable of delivering on? Isn't the fact that the company can pay someone on a permanent basis an indication that the company started out successful?

And couldn't we just go to some place cheap, like Somalia, and buy lots of people for those permanent jobs? Meh, your anecdote smacks of US executives observing Japanese team bonding exercises and assuming those were why Japanese corproations were so successful, instead of their permanent jobs with good salaries and conditions. Japanese culture is why the Japanese method works. You can't get large numbers of Western workers to put up with large patches of unpaid overtime every week not to mention the fact there is no reciprocal loyalty between the employer and employee. Like moving from offices to an open floor plan.

Guest Article: Excellent Leaders are Excellent Cheerleaders

But the corporate culture and fun loving atmosphere were a huge boon to working there. Things like the City Scour a company wide off-site team based scavenger hunt which took months of plann. She was also tasked with organizing our holiday party, summer p. Net through and through and some Obj-C for the iPad client.

Shrink wrapped software and SaaS for the building materials industry. If you buy a window or door you are almost guaranteed to have it go through this company's software. Don't diss Hooters: A few years back, I had Hooters as a client, and I can assure you that their senior management is a mostly former Hooters girls, and b not at all afraid to show a LOT of cleavage or even crack off-color jokes.

It was actually a bit distracting at times, but you get used to it. And I'm definitely not complaining. I visited the offices of the largest Hooters franchise several times, and the women almost all former Hooters girls there outnumbered the men by 2 or 3 to 1. That said, they have fun, but it is an impressively professionally-run organization - of the restaurant chains I worked with only two were more professional, and they were tops in the industry. Don't diss Hooters: A few years back, I had Hooters as a client, and Perhaps because those people aren't qualified for a desk job using their minds?

Not all people are cut out for that kind of work. If an employer hires somebody and discovers that they'll contribute more to the company by transitioning to a desk, the employer will make the transfer. A brilliant but strong male who can't find work in any other industry may take a job at a construction site to make money and many other strong but not so brilliant ones may do the same. People can jobs based on their talents.

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  6. Its all about improving efficiency. If hiring attractive females to basically make the workplace more exciting serves to increase productivity, then so be it. It's a lot less degrading to everyone than just saying "Work harder or you're fired. We're supposed to be the most "tolerant" society ever in modern times yet you can't turn a corner without offending someone. Tolerant means we strive to not offend anyone. Offense is intolerance and therefore must be removed. The problem is, once your remove all offenses, you're left with boring flat meaningless monotony; the drudgery of life.

    The reason is, when you add something more exciting, it will necessarily offend someone somewhere. Hell, I bet this post offends someone, who doesn't like when people point out the ultimate silliness of Political Correctness. Tolerant does not mean "strive to not offend". Tolerant means "don't tell people how to behave or think", with the axiomatic underpinning being "as long as those people don't try to actively harm you". The fact that you don't understand the meaning of a simple word like "tolerant" makes your entire post rather superfluous. There are " two Chinas"; rural and urban. The sex ratio is mainly, if not exclusively, an issue in rural areas of the country. Except rural to urban migration in China at the moment is massive. That cultural attitude is going to have a long and harmful and impact.

    See questions about

    Putting all gender equality issues aside for a moment, I can't see how this would be anything but a distraction and counter-productive. The last thing I would want in my office to aid productivity would be a ton of attractive females who have no job but to fawn over the males who are supposed to be working Sure, it might help them attract employees, but they will have to hire 2x to 3x the number of them to counteract the productivity hit.

    You must be a manager that believes every second a person is not at their desk hacking a away a problem is "lost productivity" I can't see how this would be anything but a distraction and counter-productive. Personally, I find that when I'm happy I'm far more productive than when I'm unhappy.